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No Recurrence of Pain!


Testimonies of healing are always encouraging.  Here are two examples from guests who have recently visited The Well for prayer.....

“…from the time we met and prayed, my arm has been completely clear of pain and there has been no recurrence of that pain – Praise God!  I have delayed writing to you until now as I did not want to claim a healing until at least a fortnight had elapsed – now I believe I can!  Thank you!”

The second is a guest who recently came in for prayer because of frequent dizzy spells and severe pain across their shoulders and upper arms.  I heard this week that this guest is pain free and has had no dizzy spells since that prayer time.  The interesting thing about this healing is that she reported that she felt something shift in her neck during prayer.  When this guest got into her car to return home, she needed to change the position of her car mirror!  It was like she was sitting taller in her seat.

Well, I hope all your Christmas preparations are coming together.

We are now taking a Christmas break from our weekly prayer ministry.  We re-open on 7th and 8th January 2014.  I hope to write my final blog for 2013 next Friday.

Thank you for your continuing support!


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