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News of more healings!


I GOT an exciting message today about somebody we prayed for at our Travelling Well healing service a couple of weeks ago.

He was released from severe pain and is still free from it. Praise God!

It has been quite a week for testimonies!

A guest came in to The Pump Rooms to give thanks to God for her healing.

She recently went to soaking prayer with a number of medical conditions and during the time of soaking, anxiety, in particular, lifted from her.

Her health has vastly improved, so much so that she booked an appointment to come and share this good news with us!!

Last Sunday I preached three times on fear at my local church and had a number of significant conversations afterwards with individuals who had all sorts of fears.

One particular individual has had chronic pain in their back for a long time.

As a result of listening to the sermon and prayer afterwards their back is significantly better and they are able to sit down normally now.

I AM really enjoying preparing for the two Quiet Days next week. As I write this blog I am surrounded by gardening magazines and books!

I am hoping it will be an exciting day of encountering God as we reflect on how he loves us to be like a well-watered, flourishing garden.

I can’t wait to see what He’s going to do!

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