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New Life!


Sitting at my desk I am looking at a picture of a new born baby asleep in the arms of his joyful parents. Nothing really unusual about this.  However, I know a little bit about their story. The couple visited The Well last autumn.  They had a story of sadness, despair and dashed hopes as they waited for a child.  We listened and prayed into their journey.  We asked Father-God for healing and a child. Soon I received an email.  Wow! A child was on the way!  As the months went by more news that all continued to be well, and finally this week their family photo has arrived.  It made me cry with joy. It has been such a long wait for them but at last they have a child in their arms.  Already I have been promised their story as they want others to know the power of prayer.  So watch this space!

Soaking prayer started again this week. I was encouraged to hear that one of the Guest’s whose ankle was very painful has been healed!

We have decided to put on our Healing Training Course this autumn on Thursday evening 3Oct and during the day on Sat 5 Oct. Do consider joining us as we share what we are learning on how to pray for those in a place of ill health. This course is ideal to resource those on a church prayer team but maybe you would like to join The Well Prayer Team? More details of this course on our web site. Come and join us!



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