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Never a dull moment!


LAST Friday we shared a few thoughts live from the office as we got ready for our conference the next day  – and what a day it turned out to be!

We planned to bring you an update earlier in the week but there has been so much going on this week, this is our first chance to reflect on what happened!

The headline news remained the change of speaker after Mark Stibbe cancelled - and later on that Friday we welcomed Kenny Borthwick back to Leamington, ahead of him leading on Discovering the Father Heart of God.

The set-up process continued on the Friday afternoon. We were using the wonderful North Leamington School as our venue for the first time and even though we had visited a few times it all looked different once we arrived to set things up ready for people to actually arrive the following day!

We started the countdown to the event last autumn so it was exciting to finally be there, putting out refreshments, banners, leaflets etc and also thanking God that Kenny was going to be there as well.

We continued to praise God from early the next morning as the day dawned bright and clear, ideal for the more than 300 people who came along, together with members of our prayer team, our management team, musicians and other amazing volunteers who were helping to make all aspects of the day a success!

There were a few 'exciting' moments in the background but with the support of the North Leamington team as well, it was just amazing to see the conference buzzing after such a remarkable few days.

Kenny has spoken at many of our conferences. We’ve always had great feedback from his previous visits and this was no exception, with so many people delighted to have been there and heard him.

It was incredible to think he had only received our phone call eight days earlier but we are so grateful to God for those gifts He has given Kenny – and that he was available to be there to bring us the message!

So a big thank you to God and to everybody involved on the day, both those who attended and those who made it happen - and we will be looking ahead to 2013 for another conference!

Back to this week and it has been as busy as ever, with our regular prayer ministry moving to Christ Church for the week just gone and the next two, while the district council does some work at the Pump Rooms – the front page of the website has full details of the change.

So that was more upheaval and planning – then our healing training course started last night, a trustees meeting this morning and Streams in the Desert on Monday!

We’ve probably said before there’s never a dull moment at The Well and this week it’s certainly been the case!!!!

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