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Living in the Present and Seeing God's Footprint In Our Lives

15 May 2015

I just heard this from a Guest who came for prayer at the Pump Rooms this week:

Following my hip replacement operation in late March I came for prayer about my recovery, so that I can walk freely without a limp. I was told by the surgeon that this could take up to 6 months to settle. When I met the Team members I found them so calming, kind and caring. Just telling your story to the Team is in itself a healing experience. During the prayers I felt myself opening up to the limitless love and power of Jesus Christ. I was filled with fresh hope and faith that God wants me to step out boldly, freely and confidently again. Now I no longer fear the length of time my recovery will take, but I trust that God is holding me in His hands throughout this process.”

I find that for many of us life is so busy that often we can miss God’s footprint in our lives. So at our Quiet Day yesterday I used “the Examen”: a daily prayer based upon the spiritual practice first taught centuries ago by Ignatius to his Jesuit priests.

This prayer provides an opportunity for us to reflect upon our day, to identify the highs and lows and to experience God in the present. If we practise this faithfully every day then we’ll no longer dwell on the past nor worry about the future, and I truly believe that with regular practice our prayers will be answered.

A Quiet Day Guest told me later that for her “accounts of personal experiences make the whole thing come to life… I spent time soaking up the Holy Spirit’s presence and felt a deep peace with Him resting on me.



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