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Light and colour!


LAST week I was on holiday in Scotland and it was like walking through an artist’s paint pallet of gold, yellow, rust, brown, pumpkin, purple, evergreen, red, orange and many more colours! 

The scenery and views were amazing! My friends live in a gorgeous little fishing village called Tarbert at the top of the Mull of Kintyre. They have a B & B and run a delightful bistro. I had such a fun, restful and enjoyable week with them.

My holidays in Scotland always give me time to reflect on God’s extraordinary love for us. Just as His creation is so diverse with its colours so is His love which is hugely multifaceted and colourful! I was reflecting on the end of Romans 8 where St Paul reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of God. 

Yesterday I was at St Peter’s Church in Worcester where we are holding our next Pathway day, through fear and anxiety, on Saturday 17th November. 

It‘s an incredible fact that God’s perfect love can cast out all our fears (1 John 4:18) and we all need to really take hold of this truth and let Him do this in our life. I am looking forward to this day as fear and anxiety trip many of us up. 

It’s a teaching day but Heather and I are creating some prayer activities to do in the afternoon, so that our Guests may apply what they’ve heard in the morning and experience God’s love and freedom in their lives. We are praying that it will bring people much hope. 

It’s a great venue and wonderful that it is being hosted by Neil Dunlop, one of the Church Leaders. Because it is a large venue there are still places so do look on this website for more details.

Earlier I mentioned paint pallets, well on Thursday I went to the end of our very first Prophetic Art workshop led by Gill Buick. It was so exciting going into the hall as I was greeted by many who showed their paintings from the morning. Clearly this event was a great joy to the participants. 

Here are two quotes from the feedback forms. Someone said they enjoyed most “the stillness, unrushed creative moments with God.” another wrote “the opportunity to learn more about the freedom there is in using obvious and hidden skills.” 

I am delighted that Gill is passing on what she has learned from supporting The Well’s healing ministry in the Pump Rooms.

God is a very creative God and loves to use us in His Kingdom ministry, so I am looking forward to another prayer ministry week in The Well and to see who He will bring to us this week. 

Do encourage your friends and contacts to drop by for prayer. The world may have celebrated darkness last week but we believe Jesus is the Light and colour of the World and we definitely believe He still heals today!

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