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Letting Ourselves Be Loved, Found, Known By God

20 March 2015

On Monday we held the second of our Quiet Days “Experiencing Afresh the Father-Heart of God” in the spectacular surroundings of Hampton Manor. Again Father-God turned up and showered us and our Guests with His amazing love! Wow! It was such a privilege seeing and hearing our Guests share their encounter with Father-God.

At the end of the day we asked our Guests these questions: “What did you enjoy most about the day? And did God speak to You?” These are some of the responses we received:

“I felt the overwhelming sense of God’s presence in the room and was so glad you gave us permission to ‘just be ourselves’.”

“Everything worked together: the wisdom and power of the words Anne spoke and used in the handouts, the loveliness of the surroundings, the tall noble parkland trees which can be seen through the windows, the quality of the Prayer Team and their God-centredness.”

“The luscious surroundings – really felt pampered physically as well as spiritually.”

“Time with God that was uninterrupted. Confirmation and assurance of Father’s love for me.”

“The heart of the message for me was in the knowledge that God treasures above all, love freely given, through an act of the will.”

“The arrows played a big part in my life today – but I have now placed them and let go of them at the foot of the cross... Today I have accepted Father-God’s love for me for the first time. Feel overwhelmed and amazed.”

During the course of the day I used a Meditation; I sometimes like to use these to help Guests connect with God. I was very moved to read a response from a Guest describing her experience during this Meditation, and what a profound impact it had on her:

“When you said we would have a meditation, my heart danced for joy. I was with God all through that journey into the desert and lapped up the cool water and relaxed with Him under the shade at the oasis. I asked, ‘just how much do you love me?’ and He said, ‘to the moon and back’ and then ‘I love you with an everlasting love.’ I just sat absorbing those words and allowing them to seep deep into my spirit for the rest of the session.”

Once again I thank God that so many of our Guests were able to come aside from their daily lives in order to receive His love during this day, and to know what it is to “let ourselves be loved, found, known by God”.


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