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King of Kings!


IT was a shock on Monday night when I arrived back in the UK to experience the cold weather having been on a cruise down The Nile!

My friends and I bought a tremendous all-inclusive package for a Nile cruise and were totally surprised when we arrived to hear we had been upgraded to the best ship – I really believe this was a tremendous gift from Father God!

On Easter Day we were taken to the Valley of the Kings which is an ancient, secret place of burial for pharaohs.

As soon as they became a pharaoh work started on their underground tomb. They cut an amazing suite of rooms with every imaginable luxury possession and favourite foods.

This was because the people believed the pharaoh was raised to life and he would need all this to start his new life.

Although it was 96F I chose not to go and visit the tomb and instead sat outside and contemplated Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

I realised that we have an absolutely amazing God who fulfilled all that He taught.

I love the story of the women going to Jesus’ tomb early in the morning and meeting an angel who said: “Why are you looking for the living among the dead, He is not here, He has risen!”

All those pharaohs were buried with their possessions because it was believed they were going to be raised to life again.

But when in 1922 Howard Carter discovered the first of the tombs, the pharaoh’s dead body was brought out.

Jesus didn’t even have his own tomb but the Holy Spirit raised Him from the dead!

So I sat in the Valley of the Kings knowing there is only one King of Kings and He is alive today!

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