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Join Our Gang - Volunteering at The Well

If any of these opportunities appeal to you, then call The Well Office 01926 888003 and speak to Jim who will answer any questions that you may have.  We will ensure that you are fully trained and supported in all these ways of helping The Well.


There are lots of ways that you can be part of The Well Team:


Prayer Team and Soaking Team Member

A role for people that are Christians, attend Church regularly, who are likely to be in their Church prayer team and feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to take on this ministry.  Candidates must have completed The Well's Healing Training Course Part 1, and after an interview with Anne Hibbert they might then join one of the teams as a trainee. If you feel called by God to this ministry then you should contact Anne in the first instance. For further information, call 01926 888003 or make a General Enquiry on this website, by following this link...


Event Team

We always need people who can help co-ordinate our Quiet Days, Training events and Listening to God days. We are eaget for people who are already familiar with our events to help, for example:

  1. Event preparation in the office – organising pre-reqs, documentation, buying consumables, taking booking and helping to solve those inevitable little hiccups in the logistics.
  2. Registration – on the front desk at the event – welcoming delegates, taking late payments, handing out the event documentation and so on.
  3. Refreshments – coffee and tea to be made for the breaks, biscuit plates to be prepared. For some quiet days, there is soup to be served too!
  4. P A - some events require an experienced person to set up and manage the PA for the day, and record the event for a CD or upload it onto the website.
  5. Site Crew – helping to set up and set down the venue for the day, always a Well-received volunteer. (Pun intended.)


Prayer Ministry preparation

Our Prayer Ministry, currently at St Mary's in Leamington, is The Well's main role. Every Tuesday morning we need to prepare the guest files, prayer schedule and pack the ministry boxes for ministry. On a Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning everything comes back and we have to update the schedules and unpack the boxes. 

It is a big job and we love our volunteers who do it, as of course we love all our volunteers! One lady who helped in this role stepped down just before Easter, having prepared the new Administrator to try and fill her inestimable shoes. If you would like a role with some shoe space, then please...



(For any of these roles) ...give us a call!

You can phone us at 01926 888003 with your name and contact details, and the role you'd be interested in taking up. Otherwise you can send an email to or leave a message on the website using this link right here...