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Celebrate God's Love at Easter

2 April 2015

On Sunday whilst I was at church I met a lady who bounded up to me and said, “I have been meaning to contact you for many months as God has healed me.” She recounted her story of how she attended The Well’s Healing Training course last May/June. I was so encouraged that I asked her to email me it. So here it is. Enjoy reading it. And may you all have a great time of reflection, worship and celebration of God’s power and love this Easter weekend!

“It was a last minute decision to attend this course last May/June and at the time I was off work with severe low back pain so I wasn't looking forward to sitting for long periods. I did not come on the course to receive prayer for myself but to become more confident when praying for others. 

The course was enlightening and encouraging. I have since been more attentive to the voice of Holy Spirit and in responding instead of thinking it was 'just my thoughts' . 

During one of the sessions you mentioned that there was to be prayer for two particular conditions, one of these being low back pain. I definitely wanted to be healed but really didn't expect anything to happen, however, I kept an open mind before God. While I was being prayed for I sensed the presence of Holy Spirit together with knowing God was going to bring healing, I thankfully and quietly received what God was doing. We returned to our seats. Gradually over the remainder of day I noticed the pain and discomfort easing and by the end of the day it had completely disappeared. I returned to work the following Monday.

I had a few aches in my back as I returned to work but they only lasted a day or two. Since then I have had no trouble. I give all praise to our amazing God.”

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