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Isn't God amazing!


LAST week I met a young mum who had visited the Well during the summer. She had had an extremely difficult pregnancy due to a tragic incident.

This had totally overshadowed her pregnancy and really robbed her of spending time concentrating on her baby within her.

After her child was born she was still plagued by fear and her child was very restless and didn’t like night times!

As her baby developed and became an inquisitive toddler she felt that she didn’t have a close relationship with her child as well as her child still being extremely restless.

In the summer we organised a special prayer appointment as her child took a morning nap. We prayed into her pregnancy whilst at the same time praying peace into her child’s spirit.

It was extremely moving watching God at work.

As she talked to me last week, this young woman was literally singing God’s praises at the huge healing which He has brought into her life as well as her child’s.

She has a new relationship with her child which is much closer than she could have imagined and her child now sleeps at night!

Father God had brought healing into both of their lives.

It reminds me of that verse in Joel when God says, ‘I will restore the years the locusts have eaten’.  

In her case He has restored the robbed time of special closeness with her child during her pregnancy.

Now isn’t God amazing!


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