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IT’S another of those weeks when Richard steps into the blog spotlight to bring you some of the latest news from The Well.

A big part of my role is to spread the word about our activities and also to capture the stories of those people who are ready to share how God has changed their lives as a result.

Some people send us their story and on other occasions I have the absolute privilege of chatting to people and calling on my shorthand training to be able get their words written down.

At times we have also been able to film some of these stories and our website includes a link to our recent Well DVD which says a very big ‘yes’ in answer to the question, ‘Does God heal today?’

In addition to this we have been greatly helped by a good friend of The Well in recent months who has started filming individual stories for us and we are now building up a YouTube channel as yet another way people can see and hear what God can do.

We had a very exciting meeting yesterday evening about further filming we can do together – and, of course, if you would be happy to be filmed for a story to share with others, then do get in touch.

In the meantime do look for Well CHC on YouTube – we are uploading the first two of our filmed testimonies today but already you can see a separate film about our Pathway Day coming up in June.

This was not filmed by our expert cameraman friend but we think it’s still a great way to tell others about the event – you can have a look now by clicking here.

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