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I've been Healed!

We had a super Training Course last Saturday.  During the course I teach on respecting our Guest's personal boundaries e.g don't get too physically close when praying for a person.  I demonstrate this in five different ways.  I use volunteers both as Guests and two others as Team.  I asked the Prayer-ers to lean heavily on the Guest.  Then I asked the Guest how it was, they replied'uncomfortable', 'too much pressure' but the third Guest said she had been 'healed'!  The pain in her shoulder had gone and we hadn't even prayed!  God did other healings during the day too.  Oh, I do love seeing Father-God at work!

I'm preaching on Sunday at Healing Services at Malvern Priory at 10.30am and at Napton-on-the-Hill at 6pm in the evening.  Do join us if you are nearby.  I end with some feed-back from the Training day.  We asked what did you enjoy most...

'I have grown a year in one day.  I feel more confident about praying for people'

'Learning to hear God quickly for someone.  Praying in 3s was good'

'I received prayer for healing and felt strength as the pain itself was prayed in to'

'Not physical, but I've had energy in myself and made a decision about a difficult matter I was struggling with'

'Drawn me closer to Him.  Continuing and preparing me to serve him and take risks'

'Opportunity to step our in faith where it doesn't matter if you "make mistakes"



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