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I can now scratch my head!


I have heard of another person who received healing at Streams two weeks ago. She came with a friend from Northampton. The next day this lady phoned her friend up and said, "It's amazing, I can now bend over and touch the floor with the palms of my hands and I can also scratch my head with my hand, both are things I haven't done for years!" God certainly freed up her joints on that Monday evening!

Father God was doing some wonderful deep things in people's lives yesterday at our healing Quiet day. One lady shared how she has finally forgiven herself for something she did years ago which left a huge amount of shame in her spirit.  Jesus released His healing power and she is free!  This reminds me of Paul's words in Gals 5:1 " It is for freedom that Christ has set you free!"

During the day the Prayer Team offered forty two 15 minute prayer sessions. All were taken!  It really is amazing what God can do in such a short space of time. On the feedback forms many commented on the peace and healing they have received in their spirit. This really picks up on my second talk where I shared that through the years it is possible for strong negative emotions like resentment, anger, fear and shame to capture our spirit and prevent it from feeding life into our body and soul. I suspect many of our Guests will book longer appointments in our weekly Pump Room ministry sessions now that they have tasted God's healing! I am looking forward to seeing what God can do in our Healing Quiet day tomorrow!

Just on a Strictly note, don't forget that it starts tonight! I wonder who your favourite will be?

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