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8 May 2015 - "I Can Eat Again!"

What an exciting Election Night! I wonder if you stayed up too? The ‘party’ map of the British Isles has certainly changed. But isn’t it good that our God never changes. He is a Rock and we can trust all His promises. He gives us a ‘know-so’ faith rather than a ‘hope-so’ one.

I was greatly encouraged to receive this testimony from a college student we’ve been praying for. 

I had always struggled with anxiety and worrying and this manifested itself in food. One summer I became very anxious about eating and would often vomit after a meal. After consulting a doctor, I found out that I had acid reflux and hyper gut sensitivity. I was put on medication and this helped a lot; however I still had the mental hangover of associating food with being ill. It wasn’t until I went to the Well Christian Healing Centre that I was fully released from this burden. Also through the power of prayer I am no longer on the medication, and am free from anxiety around food. 

The team at the Well are incredible, and the presence of God at the Well is fantastic. I would like to thank the team once again for all they have done for me. And of course I thank God for all the work He is doing through the Well in healing so many people.” 

It’s time now for me to knuckle down and continue to prepare for our “More, Lord!” Quiet Days next week. I can’t wait to see what abundant blessings He is going to shower us with!



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