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IT’S just been so lovely watching the Olympics and how, in the overwhelming majority of cases, when people have been interviewed after winning gold they’ve wanted to say thank you to people who have helped them.

This week at The Well we’ve been really uplifted by two thank-you messages!

One came in a lovely, bright card from somebody who was facing a cancer scare and had come to The Well for prayer.

They wrote these inspiring words: “It worked! I just walked out of the hospital… all clear! Can hardly write, as so happy with tears!

“You are a wonderful team that have never ceased to amaze me!”


And then at the Pump Rooms on Wednesday one of the guests was somebody I’d prayed for a couple of weeks ago about headaches they had been getting while they were undergoing chemotherapy.

This week they came to tell us that in the evening after they had been for prayer they didn’t have any headaches and haven’t had any in the two weeks since. They wanted to say how remarkable it had been and because of prayer the headaches had gone!  

In that appointment we had done some cross work where we spoke the name of Jesus over them. We often speak the name of Jesus over a guest because there is such power in His name!

So it’s been a remarkable week and a reminder of how saying thank you is such a currency in Kingdom Ministry!

Before I go I must return briefly to the Olympics and how it has coincided with a wonderful outbreak of harmony among my boys… Alfie my rabbit and Monty my cat!

I have kept you posted occasionally over what has now been a difficult year since Alfie arrived and my boys have just not got on. But there has now been this massive breakthrough which has meant we’ve all been able to be together to watch the Olympics.

They still have chases and Monty needs to do less sleeping and get more exercise but they have also been able to lie down and relax in sight of each other. Hurrah!

With that good news to cheer me on my way I will be taking a break for the next two Fridays and will hand over to Richard to keep you up-to-date with the news!


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