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Humble Yet Powerful and Gentle

26 June 2015

We had an absolutely fabulous LTG day with Kenny. The whole day flowed so well. It was very evident that our Guests were impacted by his teaching on the Father-heart of God. At the end of each talk he invited people to come and receive prayer. The Prayer Team were inundated and prayed for many Guests.

I suspect this event will be a day when many look back and say, “I encountered God and His love has changed my life.”

What have you enjoyed most about today?

“ Kenny is an expert at getting you to be honest without feeling condemned.” 

“The encouraging insights from Kenny and being so open with his experiences.”

 “Simple, honest, straight forward delivery of the Word of God, refreshing and revitalising.”

 “All of it! Kenny has as always a humble yet powerful and gentle way of teaching and bringing the Holy Spirit into people’s lives. He also has an amazing sense of humour!”

 “The talks – right from the start what Kenny said resonated with me and where I was at. It was so helpful and no doubt the results will be seen in the future.”

 “The Well’s power-house of prayer ministry and support and sensitively led worship. Brilliant – all this touched my heart.”

 “I liked the way each talk had a prayer focus/time at the end. It all seemed to work well.”

 “It was so spiritual and the different prayer times touched me deeply.”

 “Thank you to the Well for all your teaching and courses. They bring peace and inspiration into my life.”

 We look forward to our next LTG day with Russ Parker on Sat 19th Sept. This time the theme will be Prophetic Healing Prayer.


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