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How big is your God!


How big is your God!

Another fabulous Streams event last Monday with 280 women!

Judy Moore encouraged us to see and experience the ‘bigness’ of God and not allow our disappointments of lack of faith to reduce God.  Every year our view of God should be bigger.

I heard this week of the birth of a baby boy to one of our Guests.  Every birth is good news but this little boy is a definite gift to his parents.  His mother lost a baby in pregnancy last Easter.  She came to stay with her mum who lives in this area.  Her mum encouraged her to visit The Well for prayer.  This young woman was distraught.  We listened and used some special prayers we have created to help those who have experienced a miscarriage.  The young woman experienced peace and hope.  She left and almost immediately conceived.  Last Thursday she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Praise God!

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