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Holiday Season


 Azure-coloured sea, white sandy beaches, sunshine, fabulous food and fun – all sum up my holiday on Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde. I felt that this was another wonderful gift from Father God. I know that it is very much a treat and a privilege to have such an opportunity to take time out like this. My inner batteries have definitely been recharged and I am now ready for the second part of our 10th Anniversary Year.

It was great being back at Prayer Ministry this week. We’ve had a number of tourists drop in who probably had breakfast that morning without knowing about The Well. But having visited Jephson Gardens they saw our sign and dropped in for prayer. We love being in the Royal Pump Rooms as it’s such a central venue.

While I’ve been away I’ve been reading and thinking about God’s healing power again. Sometimes we’re unaware of emotional baggage like shame and guilt which we carry within us. Shame particularly has the ability to be a second skin over us. I was delighted to hear this week about a recent guest who met with God deeply in her prayer appointment. God has removed her skin of shame and put a mantle of joy over her. She can’t stop rejoicing, and feels like a new woman.



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