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Hidden in the Womb

Hidden in the Womb

That was incredible. Everyone should have this kind of appointment.” This was said to us recently by a guest who had a Beginnings prayer appointment. A “Beginnings” prayer is when we pray into the nine months a person spent in their mother’s womb. It is possible to pick up all kinds of negative emotions, which are then sewn into the very fabric of our wellbeing. 

Another guest said to us, as she left after her Beginnings prayer appointment, “I feel much lighter.” Father-God has really been helping us to develop this prayer. We feel privileged to see guests healed at such a deep level in their lives. God really did see “our unformed bodies grow and develop.” (Psalm 139)

 At the moment I am preparing our next two Quiet Days on Psalm 91. What a great theme of being hidden in God. Whatever our situation, we have a place to run to, where there is refuge and protection. What could be better than this? But the question is, will we relax there and not run away to try and “sort life out”?




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