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SOME headline news to start with… our new DVD was finished a couple of weeks ago and yesterday the copies we’d ordered arrived at the office!

The discs look great and the film looks amazing, thanks to Steve and the team at Ignite Creative - and everybody who helped in the making of it!

It’s called God Heals Today and there are two versions on it which can be used in a variety of settings – Alpha courses, small groups, church notices etc etc

We’ve had a number of people ask for a copy to use in the Alpha courses that are now running and we’ve started sending them out, so do get in touch if you’d like a copy!

There are four testimonies on it and they really do get across the message that, yes, God heals today!

The other headline news is I heard on Wednesday that my blog didn’t make it into the top two for the Christian New Media Awards.

I was very excited at the possibility of going to the awards night in London but it is still amazing that we got into the final five – and we will be represented at the new media conference the following day, which should see James, one of our trustees and Richard return with many great ideas!

This week in ministry we had a number of new guests and also somebody who had come a long way up from the south-west for prayer!

Another person who had travelled a good distance was a friend of mine who came from Southampton for a social visit at the weekend.

I gave her an unofficial tour of Leamington and she was just so enamoured by our town and the amazing history we have.

I showed her the main Assembly Room where we hold our ministry sessions and although it wasn’t set up how we have it, she thought it was a really impressive building – and it is!

It really made me think about how when our guests step into this wonderful place they are coming into an amazing environment, which I believe is from our worship and the way we invite the Holy Spirit to come there!

This weekend will be a little different as it’s the full day of our training course tomorrow and then it’s back to the office next week as we step up the preparations for our forthcoming events.

Suddenly we’re in October – which was a bit confusing last weekend when I was doing the tour in a summer dress and no cardigan – and it’s now not long until our Finding a Pathway Through Cancer day on Saturday, October 22.

We hope it will be a great help to people and there is still time to sign up for it – contact the office if you would like the details.


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