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Healing training

WE believe very strongly that God called us from day one of The Well to share with others what He is showing us and teaching.

We ran our first training course in 2003, when more than 60 people went through our programme, and since then we have been running them regularly, to build our Prayer Team and pass this training onto other groups and Churches.

The Initial course is especially suitable for:

  • Those who want to join The Well’s Prayer Team. (An application process would follow the course).
  • Church leaders who want to start a healing ministry in their church. The course would be good for them, as well as potential team members.

It is a two-part course, designed to prepare delegates to be ready to pray for others as soon as they are out of the door! Delegates receive a training manual which accompanies the course and between the two sessions are given something to read, something to do and something to learn.

The Healing Training Course Part 2, like the Initial, is a mixture of teaching, Bible input, the theory and principles of prayer, and more practical demonstrations and opportunities for hands-on experience. All delegates will receive course notes to insert into their Well Training folder.

We have many testimonies of what God is doing before our eyes in The Well and we long to pass on the encouragement, excitement and faith generated when you see God at work.

Healing Training Courses
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