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Healing in action


ON Saturday we had the second part of our healing training course and not only did we encourage people who want to pray for others – we saw healings too!

It certainly was a privilege and a wonderful time as we spent the day together and saw people grow in confidence.

Our training course is for people who hope to join our prayer team but is also very much for those who want to join the prayer ministry team at their own church – or as a member of their church team want to extend their knowledge.

One of the people who experienced healing was somebody who goes to a church where there is great encouragement to pray for others and she wanted that boost of coming on the course.

She was one of the people who responded when we asked if people wanted prayer for healing. Our team prayed and she experienced God at work – not once but twice!

She had always had problems with a painful toe which particularly suffered when she wore the shoes she happened to have on for the course.

But as she told me afterwards: “God is good! After the prayer I was walking around and my toe didn’t hurt at all!

“As a bonus he also healed a pain in my wrist. It was a sharp pain that doctors always blamed on arthritis though I don’t think it was.

“It had been particularly painful that morning and I’ve now got no pain!”

Wow! Thank you Father! She is now so encouraged to pray for others having experienced being released form pain!

It was a terrific group of people who came on the course and I look forward to hearing more about how they’ve gone back to their churches and prayed for healing!

A few weeks ago I mentioned a special event we’ve got coming up in June, ‘Pathway Through Patterns of Unhealthy Behaviour’.

There is information about it on our website but you can now hear Heather, who is leading the day, talk about it in a special Well video clip on YouTube.

Just click here to see it!

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