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Healing for the Grief of Loss and Prayer for Future Fruitfulness

6 March 2015

Last night we met with our current trainees to teach them more about how to pray for healing for our Guests. One of the areas we covered was praying for someone after they have had a miscarriage. Our trainees were very interested that we actually do this. For us this is essential as the woman is often devastated at the loss of her child. It is important that she has an opportunity to talk about her experience and loss. Sometimes she may need to confess her fears and forgive others. Then we are able to give thanks for the life of her child and commit it to God. We pray for her womb to be cleansed of loss and grief, and then we pray for a future fruitfulness as well as hope for the future. It is always such a privilege coming alongside women in these circumstances.

I can still remember last May at our 10th anniversary celebration meeting a little baby boy called Isaac. We met his mother a year before, when she was in a tearful devastated mess after a miscarriage. She feared she would never have another child. It was such a special time of prayer. She left peaceful and full of hope. So you can imagine our joy meeting her together with Isaac about a year later. She looked so different.

Praise God for His healing power!




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