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He Calls out the Starry Host!

“Wow! I feel so invigorated after today!” A Guest exclaimed this as she left The Well’s Sky Quiet day last Saturday. 

We had such a special day exploring how God speaks to His children through the Sky. I showed a number of video clips of Louis Gigilio speaking about the universe and stars. The information is totally awe inspiring and it leaves you praising God that even though our planet is like a speak of dust in the bigger picture and yet as Psalm 8 declares Father God is “mindful” of us and we are special to Him. Whatever we face in life we face it with God who is the great Creator and Designer of this universe who is all powerful. Here are some encouraging comments from our Guest’s feedback forms.

  • This day has been balm to my soul.
  • Peace, quiet, opportunity to hear God and to be in awe of Him!
  • Reminded me of just how small we are and how awesome God is! Wow!
  • I feel so refreshed!

Last night our we led the first part of our Well Healing Training course in Worcester at The Well on the Top Barn Estate just outside Hallow. There are 68 delegates from many different areas e.g. Worcester, Kidderminster, Malvern, Evesham and many small country villages. It is a tremendous privilege sharing the Well vision and experience.  We were greatly  encouraged  by seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and eagerness to know more about God’s healing power. It was a tremendous start and I look forward to our next session on Saturday week. Well , today is another Trustee meeting as we dream and plan with God our future! I do hope that you have booked in for a tour around our new home which we are continuing to secure! Do come and see it!

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