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God's majesty and glory!


IT was part of the original vision God gave me ten years ago that people would come from far and wide to The Well and this has certainly been one of those weeks when we have been reminded of that!

On Tuesday evening we realised people had travelled from Rugby, Daventry, Leicester, Birmingham and other places.

The tenth anniversary of being given the vision is something I’ve mentioned before and to mark the occasion - the anniversary was at the start of last week - The Well gave me a wonderful display of flowers.

They really are gorgeous yellows and oranges and they speak to me of God’s majesty and glory!

I have divided them up into several bunches and put them around my home and this has had an unexpected effect.

I haven’t mentioned my boys recently - Monty the cat and Alfie the rabbit - which is possibly an indication they have been on their best behaviour but Monty is back in the headlines this week!

He really is a beautiful cat but now looks like a punk, for in jumping up to try and catch a fly he brushed against some of the lilies and now has yellow stains on his neck and shoulders. As he is cream-coloured it is very noticeable and quite amusing – but, of course, he is none the wiser!

That has been fun and with the weather still so miserable out there, those yellows and oranges really are a lovely reminder of God’s greatness!

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