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God Is In the Midst Of Our Pain

5 June 2015

On Wednesday evening the Well partnered with two local Churches and put on an event called “Where is God When It Hurts?” It was part of the town-wide mission which is happening here this week. Roger Murphy was the speaker. Before he moved to Seaford last year, he was on the Well Prayer Team right from the start. So it was great working with him again.

This event incorporated a number of elements, in order to help guests encounter God wherever they were on their spiritual journey. I asked two Guests who had visited the Well for prayer to share their stories. The first, a man in his early 30’s, shared how God had released him from some themes in his family. As he received prayer, a remarkable thing happened: two physical conditions were healed – asthma and a groin injury. He shared that it was like a ‘band’ being released from him and he could now breathe more deeply and freely.

Our other Guest shared briefly about four times when she experienced God in the midst of her pain. One was when she received healing prayer about an abortion she had had at the age of 21. From that time shame and guilt had followed her. But when she was finally able to open up and ask for prayer (which was about two years ago) God met her at her deepest point of need and forgave, cleansed and restored her spirit. She was free of the shame and guilt!

Both of these Guests answered the question “Where is God when it hurts?” by saying that He was right there in the midst of their pain even though they didn’t know it at the time!

Here is Sheila’s account of the evening:

What a powerful, inspiring evening at St Mark's on Wednesday evening. The church was packed, the speakers were engaging, and the prayer stations were so imaginative and diverse they appealed to many different temperaments. Among them was a Wailing Wall where guests were invited to acknowledge their pain either by writing a ‘lament’ on the wall or by creating a prayer of protest for themselves or the world; a table where one could light a candle as a way of asking God to bring light and hope into the darkness of our struggles, doubts and pain; and a ‘river of life’ where visitors could touch the water, sit by the river, or place a dry leaf in the water to symbolize their hope for healing and refreshment. In addition to these and other prayer stations, it was also a brilliant idea to offer hand massage in the side chapel, and a room where you could go and ask difficult questions. And over it all soared the beautiful voice of singer Hannah Reese. I heard several people say how moved they were by the events of this evening at St Mark's Leamington Spa.


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