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God can clear our inner landscape!


LAST week when I was in Scotland I went for a walk with my friends’ dog while they were working and went to a place called White Shore.

I had been there many times before but this time I was shocked to see this lovely little beach was covered in litter.

I went to my usual bench where I sit and pray but on this occasion I couldn’t with all this litter around!

There just happened to be a large hessian sack that had been washed up so I went round and picked the litter up. It took me 20 minutes to fill it and then I sat down on the bench and started to pray.

I then went home dragging the bag through the woods and found a bin to put it in.

I suppose many people come to The Well with their inner landscape cluttered with loneliness, sadness, fear, sickness etc.

They often have no inner peace and it is a real privilege to come alongside them to hear their stories and help them get rid of their rubbish.

We will often do Cross work with them and they are able to hand over those burdens that are dragging them down.

This week, like so many others, we saw people leave after a prayer appointment in such a better place as they had got rid of rubbish that could have been affecting them for years – thanks to God who has the power to clean our inner landscapes!!

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