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God at Work!


God at Work!

We’ve had some busy ministry sessions again this week in the Royal Pump Rooms. It’s such a joy welcoming guests visiting Leamington Spa during their holidays. We’ve seen Father God busy at work healing some deep wounds from the past, as well as bringing relief to physical conditions. I hope to write more about these soon once the guests have shared their stories with us.

We are particularly wanting to develop our Baby Beginnings ministry so if you know of any babies who are not sleeping or eating well, or have a medical condition or disorder like eczema, then do encourage their parents to make an appointment to see one of the Baby Beginnings team.

God is giving us some wonderful insights into how to pray for babies. Recently, I’ve heard of a baby who cried all the time. After his Baby Beginnings prayer he has become very peaceful and he now only cries for normal reasons such as wanting to be fed or changed.

Praise God for all these signs of grace.

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