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God at work... wow!


‘A BEAUTIFUL, fortifying nourishing day…’ This was just one of the pieces of feedback from what proved to be an extraordinary Quiet Day yesterday, Thursday, on ‘Our God of All Comfort’.

We are running the day again tomorrow – it’s sold out, sorry – and can’t wait to see what God does then, because yesterday was so special!

He was at work in so many ways, including several instances where He brought people together who hadn’t met before. Where one had been struggling with an issue, the other was just the right person to offer encouragement and a possible way forward!

The chance for networking has always been a feature of our Quiet Days but yesterday, as we shared what had happened during the day, it was striking how God had made these really significant conversations happen, putting words in people’s hearts or just leading them to sit next to the right person at lunch!

We offer short prayer appointments during the day and He helped a number of people to explore some really deep situations.

The feedback forms we received at the end certainly showed He had been very busy!

We asked, ‘How has God spoken to you?’ and the responses included the following…

‘He will reveal the treasures in my darkness.’

‘He showed me an area of my life/pain that I had buried deeply and thought had been addressed.’

‘I have enjoyed the quiet and just resting in His presence on a lovely, soft sofa!’

‘Today’s teaching has just given me a total perspective on being in darkness and emotional pain and despair – it seems it’s actually a place of coming into wonderful things beyond the darkness.’

‘He has reminded me that I am safe in the shelter of His wings.’

‘He is my HOPE.’

Wow, God, thank you so much for the amazing ways you transform lives!

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