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Follow the leader!


ON Sunday I found myself heading out into a maize maze!

These mazes are really good fun and a number have popped up in recent years at farms around the country, with the added interest that each year there will be a new crop and thus a different design to try.

I’d gone to visit my friends who run the wonderful Top Barn near Worcester, a working farm which has a shop, café, activity centre and, of course, a maize maze.

Mike runs the farm with Joanna and he took us out into the maize. He strode confidently forward but then paused and said he shouldn’t be leading the way as we were supposed to be finding it for ourselves!

We had a lovely afternoon doing just that but as I drove home I thought how much easier it is if we are following the creator as he knows which way to go.

When we are following God we can keep on the right track but if we try to do it ourselves we can easily take the wrong turn!

In The Well we are seeking to follow God and the way we do that is by praying.

As we approach the tenth anniversary of The Well opening its doors – we reach that landmark in February next year – we are seeking God’s guidance about where we will be going in the next ten years and our starting point is prayer!

Do join us in that – and if you want some summer fun while the weather’s good, do go and check out the Top Barn maze!

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