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Far and wide!


THIS is one of those occasions when we are right in the middle of two Quiet Days – on Our God Who Heals – so this will just be a very brief update with the full story to follow next Friday!

It has been a busy week of preparations, for although we offer healing prayer and all those other healing events, it took a long while for me to work out what God wanted these days to be about!

But we had a very special day one and I’m sure day two will be just as good!

Our regular prayer ministry has taken place during the week and once again we have seen a big influx of people coming to The Pump Rooms.

I mentioned last week about how we were seeing guests from far and wide and earlier this week I heard about another way in which the ripples are going out from Leamington Spa and The Well.

A friend told me of a teacher elsewhere in the Midlands who was asked by somebody in their class if God heals today.

They thought about how to answer, remembered hearing about The Well from their mum and went on to our website where they were able to show our video and how God does indeed heal today!


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