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Faithful Watchman

Faithful Watchman

Last Monday I had the privilege of taking the funeral of John who was one of our faithful Prayer Watchmen.  John has been on The Well Team since 2008.  First as a Receptionist but this was quickly followed by becoming a "resident" Prayer Watchman often at two of our weekly Prayer sessions.  He had an extraordinary gift of finding Bible verses which would strengthen, encourage or comfort our Guests.  All he knew was which Guest was in in which Prayer Booth.  Then he would listen to God and discern one or two Bible verses which may be relevant to the Guest's situation.  It was wonderful being in the Booth when a Bible verse was posted as more often or not it really spoke into our Guest's situation.  You may even be the holder of one of his neatly pencil written prayer notes!

John's service was a wonderful time of celebration and giving thanks for a special colleague who was a faithful husband, father and grandfather.  He will be greatly missed by us all.  I close by including a poem written by John which I read out at his funeral.  It was very moving and most uplifting as well as invitational.  I hope you enjoy it.

My next Blog will be on Friday 21st August.

Come to Jesus

Come to Jesus, come to Jesus,

Come in meek humility.

Rest in Jesus, trust in Jesus,

All your sorrow let Him see.

He will bless you, and uphold you,

Keep you in His warm embrace.

Peace be with you, love be in you,

Shine as Him in majesty.



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