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Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

27 June 2014

This week has been another exciting time in The Well with Guests coming from far and wide. And looking at the Guest List for next week’s Quiet Days, people are coming in from different directions too. Currently I’m preparing my talks for the Psalm 91 Quiet Days next Thursday and Saturday. It’s such a brilliant psalm which speaks about God’s presence and protection. There’s still time for you to book in!

I’ve just been encouraged by Jean and Elaine this morning, as they popped into the office and shared with us the wonderful time they’ve had this week leading the Soaking Prayer sessions.

Soaking Prayer is a deeply relaxing time when Guests may either sit in comfortable chairs or lie down on a mat on the floor, whichever they prefer, while soft music is played on a CD in the background. Meanwhile the Prayer Team pray for each Guest, either silently or softly, during the fifty minutes of “soaking” time.

“We had an unexpectedly busy time at Soaking Prayer this week. Twenty-nine Guests came over two sessions. Most had booked, some were drop-ins! We spoke briefly on the constant nature of God’s faithful love. We encouraged the guests to expect the unexpected and we prayed that God would meet them at their deepest point of need.

Excitedly we made up extra “soaking spots”; some guests on chairs, some on the floor. And as the session progressed we had the incredible privilege of seeing our wonderful God at work as He blessed and healed our Guests. There were many tears of gratitude and wonder, so the tissues were in demand!

What a fantastic job we have being part of this Soaking Prayer ministry.”


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