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Does Jesus heal today? Yes He does!


WOW! What a week it’s been!

Another inspiring story, encouraging feedback and chances to get out and say that Jesus heals today!

It started with us reflecting on the quiet days that took place last Thursday and Saturday, on the theme of ‘Fear not – nothing is impossible for God’.

Fear is a difficult subject but we were pleased with how the days went.

We had a lot of feedback and it seems to have been a deep and powerful time for people.

We always look closely at all of the forms we receive and consider how we can develop future events – we now have a programme in place for next year and are already taking bookings for our January quiet days!

But before we get to 2012, we had a busy time in this week’s prayer ministry, a very busy time at yesterday’s soaking prayer session, interviews with potential new members of our prayer team – and I also did a speaking event at Four Oaks Methodist Church near Lichfield yesterday evening!

A few times a year they have an outreach meal and afterwards they have a speaker. My subject was, ‘Does Jesus heal today?’ and it was wonderful being able to say a resounding ‘Yes!’.

I played our new DVD and then spoke about what we do and see.

It is always good hearing guest stories after they have been to the Well.

On Monday, I met a woman who had brought her young daughter to the Well last year.

She had a food sensitivity especially with gluten and dairy foods and got eczema when she ate chocolate.

She had blinding headaches and the doctor advised her mum to keep a food diary to try and establish which foods were the problem.

She came for prayer once. She remained on a gluten-free diet for a very short while afterwards then asked mum to come off diet, which she did.

Her daughter can now eat anything! Wow! Thank you Jesus!

I often worry I’ll have nothing to write about when Friday comes around but this week there’s certainly plenty to talk about!

This blog is one of the many ways we can use new technology to share experiences with a wide audience and this weekend I will be at church for a very special use of all this expertise. We have a live link-up to the Cenotaph and I find it really moving to mark Remembrance Sunday with the ability to share in what’s happening in London.

Then on Monday it will be the last Streams in the Desert meeting of the year.

Our guest speaker is Penny Frank, who is a minister in Switzerland and she will be talking on Crossing the River Jordan, Journeying with God.

It will be at St Paul’s Church in Leamington and I’m sure it will be another really special evening.

But if this is the last of this series of events for women in 2011, we still have our first event just for men coming up on Saturday, December 10.

This, like our regular quiet days, takes place at Christ Church in Leamington but has a very different format. It will be led by Roger Murphy and will look at Peter, for a day which offers walks, talks – and a full English breakfast to start.

A great deal of work has gone into the planning and bookings are now open for any men who want to be part of this special occasion!


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