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Day with a difference


THIS is one of those occasional weeks when Anne is not around to do her usual update so this is Richard attempting to fill the gap…

It is probably a good time for me to be writing a piece as one of the things very much in mind at The Well office at the moment is our men’s day, which takes place next Saturday, December 10.

It will be the first time we have done something just for men but what now seems a long time ago - when we were planning this year’s calendar - Keith and I championed the cause of this last date on the 2011 Quiet Day calendar being used for something different.

And we thought it was an ideal time for men to have the option to get away from the pre-Christmas rush and have some time to think about the year ahead.

So we are having a men’s day and we’ve got Roger Murphy coming in to lead it, looking at Peter.

There will be walks as well as talks - and with an early start we’ll also be having a full English breakfast.

That latter detail has certainly caused some debate – with my wife in particular - but we think it’s a great way to start the day!

With any new event there is always some anxiety about whether it really is God’s will and whether it will draw people in.

Keith and I have certainly felt the pressure but the good news as I write this piece is that we have got a good number of men already booked in - and there are still a few days left for more to join us, before we have to put in the all-important order for the sausages.

Roger has got some great talks lined up and the planning is going well, so if you cannot be there, do pray that it will be a good day for all concerned. Thank you!


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