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Dancing for joy!


WOW! We’ve had a week when we’ve seen many healings!

At Streams in the Desert our speaker got us all to pray for people who had frozen shoulders and in a room of more than 200 women there were quite a few people struggling with them.

We prayed in stages and many of those affected told afterwards how their pain reduced in phases and in a number of cases went completely. Wow! Thank you God!

And then I also got chance to meet somebody who had come to The Pump Rooms for prayer last week and came towards me dancing about saying how she had been healed!

She had come to The Well for prayer for back pain following a car accident.

The crash had caused pain and had also aggravated an old back injury.

The team prayed for her and she told me how she felt fine as she went home.

The next morning she felt pain again but remembered what we had said about continuing to pray - and as she prayed again, the pain went!

It’s a wonderful story we’ll be sharing with you in our next newsletter but it was fascinating to see how she has had a few niggles – nothing as bad as before – but she has carried on praying and they have gone again!

There was no doubt God had healed her when she came towards me this week, so excited at having experienced God’s healing power and moving far more freely than she could have done last week!

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