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Cords From The Past Have Been Broken

19 June 2015

As I write this, one day before our Listening To God event on “The Father-Heart of God”, I’ve received this testimony below. Father-God can certainly set us free from past hurts and I pray He will greatly use our day together tomorrow, as Kenny Borthwick teaches on God’s incredible heart of love!

“I have struggled all my life with my identity, having a father who hurt others because he himself was hurting, and a believing mother who struggled to cope. Subsequent male relationships left me in a worse state because although these men tried to support and help me it always went wrong.

I am so grateful to the team at The Well, who prayed for me so that the cords from the past could be broken. Unforgiveness had held me back, but on the day they prayed with me I was ready to forgive. But I have discovered that it takes time and that it was a case of the Holy Spirit revealing layers of unforgiveness that I had laid down.

This weekend I was finally able to call God ‘my daddy’,‘my papa’, and really know it in my heart that I am a beloved daughter, that He loves me as I am; and even when I mess up He doesn’t love me any less because He created me, He wanted me to ‘be’, to live a life that He has in mind for me. I am of value and tremendous worth to God, as everyone else is also.

I love God, and I thank Jesus for all that He has done for me to make my relationship right between God my Father and me, and I am so grateful to have His Holy Spirit always with me – ‘a forever friend’ who won’t let me down.

Thank you all and may God continue to bless and release many more people through the ministry of The Well.”

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