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Continuing to Celebrate

14 November 2014

Last evening as a team we gathered together for our traditional winter team event. These occasions are always great fun and last night was no exception! I just love the opportunity for the prayer team, office volunteers, soaking prayer team, trustees and prayer watchmen to meet. We had a super meal which was then followed by a number of activities including a quiz, talks and Holy Spirit activations. I went home buzzing and praising God for the privilege of serving Him at The Well. 

During the evening we heard from Jean and Elaine who run Soaking Prayer; they shared with us the story of a guest who was too late for prayer at the Pump Rooms as we were closed, but instead came to Soaking Prayer as the team were setting out. Her little boy was seriously ill with numerous allergies and she was distraught. The Soaking Prayer team gathered around and asked God to heal him. The lady then left and the Soaking Prayer guests arrived. Time passed, and then at the last Streams in the Desert meeting the same lady bounded up to Jean and Elaine and said, “Do you remember me?” She then proceeded to tell them the good news that her child was completely clear of allergies!


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