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Conference countdown


VERY exciting times at The Well office today as we get ready for our biggest-ever one-day conference tomorrow!

If you are on the guest list or have seen the website already this week you will know our preparations took an unexpected turn when we had a change of speaker, news that broke just after last week’s blog went live!

So we thank God and are incredibly grateful that Kenny Borthwick is able to lead our day on the Father’s Heart, and Ruth and the team in the office have worked flat out to make people aware of the change.

We have heard from so many people who are delighted the conference is going ahead and that Kenny is bringing the message.

So the office is currently a whirlwind of activity as we prepare for what we are sure will be a very special day.

We look forward to seeing those of you who are booked in for tomorrow - we are still fully booked - and we will no doubt be posting an update here all about it on Monday!

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