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Church came alive with the sound of Hils


THIS week started with another wonderful evening at Streams in the Desert on Monday, the second event of 2012 and also the second one at Streams' new home of Leamington Baptist Church!

We had an amazing turnout and we've had some great feedback from people for whom Hils Grew's talk on 'Women living in the favour of God' had a real impact.

If you haven't heard about Streams before it's a ministry offering regular events for women and we have five dates lined up for this year, the next one being on June 18. Do call The Well office for more details or if you would like a copy of the programme to keep handy!

Tuesday dawned with a busy time getting ready for our Pump Room prayer ministry - and just as at Streams we had another amazing turnout at all three sessions.

There were some very special times and it was wonderful to get an email from somebody yesterday, who had been struggling with a situation but had really seen things transformed after they came to The Well and encountered God in a deep way.

I know I've said it before but when people ask if God heals today we love to say that he does and it's great to hear from people who have experienced Him at work!

My challenge at this end of the week is to put the finishing touches to my preparations for our two Quiet Days next week on, 'Our God of all comfort'. We only have a couple of places left for the Saturday, April 28 but there are a few still available for next Thursday, April 26 should you know somebody who would benefit from a day looking at how Jesus wants to come alongside us when life is tough and when we are facing all kinds of loss situations, such as health, job, security and loved ones.

There will also be the chance to go for a walk in nearby Jephson Gardens and I am so glad I have already done the photos for the leaflet for that - because we've got hail coming down on Leamington at the moment!

I'm sure it won't last and I'm sure there will be ample chance for people to enjoy being out in God's creation next week!

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