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Breaking Free From Negative Thoughts

3 October 2014

Streams in the Desert was packed again on Monday evening with nearly 300 women present! Hild Grew was our speaker. God used her in a powerful way to speak about how easy it is for us to get into negative thinking ruts which lead us to anxiety, fear and standing still. Hils led us through a simple prayer exercise where we made a decision to turn our backs on our old negative patterns of thought and to ask God to renew our minds. She did this by asking us to turn to the back of the church, and then to pray and ask for God’s help as we symbolically turned to face the other way. The Holy Spirit anointed this and I have heard many say that it was a defining moment for them.

Here is one woman’s testimony:

“Ann, I want to tell you what happened for me during the prayer bit Hils did at the end of her talk. When I turned around and faced the back of the church God told me that one of the lies I’d been believing about myself is that I’m not worthy. Then when I turned around God said that the truth is that I’m precious in His sight! How awesome is that? I’m afraid I had to fight tears as I was so overwhelmed.”

The office is full of activity today as we have our Pathway Through Anger day tomorrow. Pauline Andrew who is the speaker is staying with me tonight. I’m very excited as we have known each other for years. We always have such inspiring times together.

It’s not too late to book in for the Pathway Day tomorrow. I believe it will be a fabulous resource and teaching day and one which will help to fulfil St Paul’s words in Galatians 5:1: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!”





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