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Breakfast in America


IF you read Anne’s blog article last week you’ll know she has headed off on a personal development break, starting with an inner healing training course in America.

You may also remember she was hoping to keep in touch with us while she was there, thanks to the wonders of some new technology – and the good news is she has just been in touch before heading off for breakfast, East Coast time.

So while this is Richard doing the typing in England, we’ve just had a great chat over the airwaves using a thing called FaceTime, which means we could see eachother.

Anne has done the first two days of the course and is about to start day three, though was apparently up at 4.30am to go through her notes.

She said the course has been excellent but also “quite challenging, with lots of new things and ideas we may want to use at The Well.

“Randy Clark was only speaking on Wednesday night so I sent him a message saying I was disappointed he was only there one night and could we make contact. While he was talking he said he had had a message from an English woman and asked where I was. I was a bit embarrassed and quite elated as he asked me to go forward!

“He prayed for impartation and I did what I can only call some serious carpet time. Then a woman from his team prayed for me and I did some more carpet time as I really felt God’s touch on my heart.

“Other people were being prayed for but because I am now the ‘English woman’ I am getting quite a few people booking me up.

“I am having lunch with Dotty and then supper with Kim, because she wants to talk to me.

“The worship is lively and they’ve got a superb band. I’m learning some new songs and they’ve used some Bible passages – one of them is Psalm 51 and I’ve really had some new insights into that psalm!

“The main speaker has been Gary Sweeten and he has been talking about inner healing looking at the whole person and the family – these are the ideas I have been thinking about for how we do it at The Well.”

And then it really was breakfast time - but having seen Anne’s excitement as she spoke, I can say she is very excited about this course, has been buying books and is thinking about other healing courses she should do... so my first report must conclude the break is going well!

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