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Blessed and Grateful

After her visit to one of our regular Streams in the Desert women's events, Monica shares her story...

Following the first of a series of ruptured ovarian cysts I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I was very unwell and had many hospital visits. Then I came to a Streams evening on healing, together with some women from my church. I received prayer for my condition.

My doctors had already booked an ultrasound appointment for me, hoping to catch a further cyst before another very painful rupture. In the event, the ultrasound showed that my ovaries and womb looked totally normal and my left ovary had healed completely. My blood test came back as normal as well. So, not only has God healed me from PCOS (which, medically, has no cure), he has also healed me from hypoglycaemia. I feel so blessed and am full of gratitude.