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Beside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters

‘My neck has been healed.’

‘A beautiful day of resting, in the stillness of the Holy Spirit.’

These are two guests feedback after The Well’s Beside Still Waters’ Quiet day last Saturday. Oh, we had such a wonderful Holy Spirit filled day. Many of our guests testified at meeting God in very personal and healing ways. In my first talk I used part of Ps 23 ‘The Lord is my Shepherd… He leads me to green pastures and beside still waters.’ Jesus is our good Shepherd and he knows how to care for us. Sheep are unable to drink if there are turbulent waters. They need still waters. The challenge is to make room for stillness in our life, so that our spirit can drink deeply from the presence of God.

For my second talk I flipped over the theme of still waters to ‘Troubled Waters,’ as when I was praying, a well-known song written by Paul Simon called ‘Bridge over troubled waters,’ came to mind. The song has some deeply comforting and powerful lyrics; it could almost be God singing them. Life often has turbulent and troubled waters; the challenge is how we find God in these times. We don’t have to look very far as Jesus is always with us and can help us through anything, just like he encouraged Peter to walk on water. Peter’s mistake was that he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the wind and the waves. He consequently sank because of his fear. There will often be times when there is a tsunami situation happening in our lives but as Ps 46 encourages us even though there are earthquakes and wars, we need to be still and know that he is God. Furthermore we are encouraged in Ps 91 ‘He will cover you with his wings; you will be safe in his care.’

Last Saturday’s quiet day was very special. Now my thoughts are turned to our next Quiet days which are based around ‘Reflections and Insights from Trees in the Bible.’ I wonder what God will say and do on these days. The quiet days will be on the 30th June at St Nicholas Church in Kenilworth and again on the 2nd July at St Nicholas Church in Radford Semele. We are praying that he will do that as one quest testified last Saturday “The space to be still as to listen to God and let him minister into appropriate places within me.”

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