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Our Quiet Day at Hampton Manor on Monday was such a special time. There was a wonderful sense of God’s Holy Spirit moving around us. Today is a day off for me, as we have another Quiet Day tomorrow.  So I’ve asked Sheila (who is one of our office volunteers) to tell you about her experience of this Quiet Day.

 Before I sign off, do pray for us next Thursday, as we move office from Russell Street to Cross Street. I’ll let you know next Friday how the move went and what happened on the Quiet Days. Here’s Sheila:

 We can often find that there seems to be one poem or prayer which throughout the ups and downs of our lives, perhaps in rites of passage, moments of greatest sorrow or intensity, has been most helpful, most meaningful to us. For me this has been the 23rd Psalm: The Lord Is My Shepherd. Of all prayers, this is the one I come back to again and again - more poignant and comforting than many other bible passages or prayers.

 Last Monday I went to the Well’s Quiet Day in the gracious surroundings of Hampton Manor. The theme was "Following the Good Shepherd in 2014". Anne is one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever listened to. I feel God uses Anne powerfully and blesses us through the words she uses, in phrases like “you never know what God will drop into your spirit” and “Father God will have a field day with you.”

 During the course of the day she opened up for us the reality of life as a shepherd in Israel, which is what the psalmist based his poem upon: nothing at all like our concept of sheep and shepherd in the enclosed fields of green fertile England. Several of these details of the shepherding life in Israel were previously unknown to me. Anne used each element as a metaphor for different stages of our life journeys; this I found incredibly powerful during the periods of reflection. Now I know what inspired the psalmist to use the images he did, the meaning of the psalm is enriched enormously - as well as its application for my life.

 God told me He is going to give me a nudge and make me move forward. He is going ahead to prepare high fresh pasture, and to club the snakes and scatter salt on the ground. He says, “All you have to do is follow me and trust me. I will keep you safe. I will lead you on good paths. Know my voice.”


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