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Angels Quiet Day


Yesterday I had the privilege and pleasure to speak about God’s angels at a Well Quiet day. I looked at their heir roles and activities in our lives. It was a treat to have this dedicated time and space look at what the Bible says about angels. There are well over 280 references  in the Bible! The topic of God’s Angels was much bigger  than I was expecting. Isn’t it wonderful how there are 3 different groups of angels who will help us, as we serve God here on earth. There are

  • Messenger angels who come to those who want to do God’s will
  • Ministering angels come to those who are serving God and need extra help and strength
  • Mighty angels who protect those who are in trouble doing God’s will.

I was able to share Biblical examples as well as examples of Christians including myself who have seen angels. It was a very special and rich day. I praise God for our Well Quiet days and how He has helped us to develop them. Currently we are planning our Quiet days for next year. Why not consider buying a Well gift voucher  for a family member or friend to attend one of these days in 2017. It’s amazing how much refreshment and renewal God can bring in a Guest’s life through a Quiet day. I close with five feed-back comments from some of our Guests yesterday. We asked them what they enjoyed most.


  • Great talks and hand-outs. Super prayer appointment. Loved the creative prayer activity too.
  • Time for quiet reflection and prayer ministry
  • Time out with God and resting in His presence.
  • Reassurance of His love and plan for my life. Was able to give God all my concerns.
  • Time and space between talks and individual prayer.
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