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And it's goodbye from me...


THIS is Richard once again in the blog limelight and this time it’s for a rather special reason.

I’ve enjoyed my occasional chances to contribute to Anne's blog over the last couple of years, just as I have enjoyed being part of The Well office team for almost four years.

Today, though, here I am getting ready to say goodbye to the team, as I’m going back to my roots with a job in newspapers and Anne has kindly let me take the chance to say goodbye here, as well as in Russell Street.

I will still be seen at some of The Well’s events in the future, however, and my connection with this remarkable ministry is much more than the time I’ve spent working for it. In 2005 my family came to The Pump Rooms as so many have done as guests and, in tandem with our church, The Well became a big part of how we got through a crisis and saw a remarkable healing.

So it has been very special to be on the other side of the fence for these few years and play a small part in helping create more chances for people to encounter God.

As an (economic) historian academically speaking, I can’t resist looking back at The Well in autumn 2009 when I joined and The Well in August 2013 and see how much has changed, while at the same time that very special vision has not changed at all and is at the heart of all our activities.

So as I head off today, I am not going far and will be keeping in touch with all things Well. It has been a very special time, I have met some amazing people, heard of so many amazing healings and, journalistically speaking, had the privilege of talking to just a few of those people about how God has changed their lives.

So God bless you all and thank you!

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