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An extraordinary few days


AFTER the inner healing course we mentioned in my blog last week, I then had a six-hour train journey to go and meet up with Bruce, the person I wrote about a couple of weeks ago - I used to mentor him when he was in Oxford and he is now in the process of setting up a healing centre in New York State.

The chance to relax on the long journey was well worth it because as I arrived, Bruce was in the midst of a training course…

Unknown to me, in the previous few weeks he had been telling everyone about The Well and the vision God gave to me, so as soon as I walked in the room I found myself being interviewed about The Well story!

It was just so exciting talking to people who were really longing for something similar to happen in their town!

And then I was asked to take the lead in my favourite training prayer activity… such fun!

During this part of my journey I also went to Ground Zero and saw the Reflecting Absence memorial, the two cascading pools which drain into a hole in the centre of each to represent the loss on that terrible day.

They occupy the footprint of the original towers and while work continues on other aspects of the site this is a powerful memorial and reminds me of the words in Isaiah 55, ‘Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters…’

When you are bereaved you can feel you haven’t got anything and you can feel incredibly vulnerable.

I also discovered the remarkable story of the nearby St Paul’s Chapel, which I hadn't been aware of.

This historic place of worship was so close to the Twin Towers but unlike other nearby buildings not a single window was broken, as though a shield was put around it.

For nine months it became a place of refuge and I cried and cried as I read the stories.

The Chapel has become part of the Community of the Cross of Nails and so there is a display board about this link to Coventry Cathedral.

But I’d like to leave you with the words from another of those boards and as I won’t be writing a piece next Friday, may I also wish you a very special Bank Holiday weekend:

‘During the nine months of ministry, St Paul’s had become much more than a place just to eat and sleep. It had become a community of people who cared – about the work being done and the people doing it. A spirit of volunteerism gave birth to a community dedicated to hope and healing.’

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