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Amazing story goes global!


THIS week will be a very short piece – but for a very good reason!

On Monday I updated the blog by sharing a testimony told to me last week by one of our guests.

Often there will be several items in my mind for the blog but this story of healing was so powerful, I didn’t want to add anything to it!

It appeared under the heading ‘Isn’t God Amazing!’ and to make people aware it had appeared on a Monday rather than the usual Friday lunchtime slot, Richard mentioned it in one of his newsy emails on Monday evening, with a link for people to click on and go straight to the story.

We can tell we have had many ‘hits’ on the story since then but we’ve also had three wonderful comments left by people who read it, so whether you have already read it or not, do look back at it again now and scroll down to the comments below!

It appears this testimony could be helpful to somebody in Australia and also prompted somebody to tell us another story of how God has brought healing! Wow!

Today we are between our two quiet days on ‘Fear Not – Nothing is Impossible for God!’ and I have had chance to read the feedback forms from yesterday.

It was clearly a very powerful day for people and a chance to break free from fear - and we hope tomorrow’s guests will also find it a time when God can have a real impact on their lives!


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